Meditation Can Make You Happier and More Focused

Wondering mind, endless thoughts, distractions are just some of the annoyances that can plague someone while trying to meditate. Some might get frustrated and feel like it is impossible to get to a point of total calm and internal peace ‘n’ quiet.  But this is actually quite normal, especially for a beginner.

I personally feel this way and have to be aware of my mind starting to wonder or the fact that too many thoughts are going on in my head. When this happens, I try to bring myself back to focusing on my breath. Taking a deep breath in and then breathing out. Meditation is a work in progress. The more you practice the easier it will be to be mindful and aware.

Try starting out with meditating just for a few minutes. Sit some where you will be comfortable so that you do not fidget, but make sure you can sit up straight. It is OK if your mind wonders, just make sure to bring your focus back to your breathing. If it helps, count each breath so that it keeps your mind busy. The better you get, the longer you can make your meditating sessions.

I would also recommend keeping a journal of your progress. But don’t only focus on your progress, focus on how meditating is playing a role in your daily life. Are you happier, calmer, more focused? I will be keeping a journal of my progress and sure my journey. Stay tuned!