Hiking My Way Through Los Angeles

Whether you’re looking for an easy, cool, shady, more rigorous, steep, or something in between kind of trail, you’ll find find what you are looking for at the La Tuna Canyon Trail, an 1,100-acre park on the north slope of the Verdugo Mountains.

My friend, her cute doggy and I hiked this trail and decided to take on the more rigorous route. I must admit I was very intimated at first, but that is why you bring friends along, so they can coax you into doing things you don’t want to do. Once I finally reached the top, it was such an amazing feeling, and one of the most satisfying exercises I have endured in quite awhile.  If you are not an avid hiker, I would recommend starting off light and working your way up to the more rigorous hikes.

Enjoy climbing through oak and sycamore-lined canyons up to the ridgetop and take advantage of the 2.2 miles worth of majestic views of the San Gabriel Mountains, the San Fernando Valley, and downtown Los Angeles. The La Tuna Canyon trail begins off La Tuna Canyon Road, and connects with the Verdugo Fire Road, also called the Backbone Road, which offers thirteen miles of trails across almost the whole length of the Verdugo Mountains.

La Tuna Canyon Park is located along the 8000 block of La Tuna Canyon Road in the City of Los Angeles approximately three quarters of a mile south of the 210 Freeway and five miles east of Interstate 5.