Review of the 7 Minute workout “Seven”

Challenge yourself: 7 minutes for 7 months

I was introduced to a pretty cool workout app that helps keep me motivated and on-track to getting to my goal. The 7 minute workout “Seven” app by Perigee AB has become a staple to my new morning workout routine. For the past month I have been waking up early in the morning to get a quick workout in before work and this has been such a welcome change.

Unfortunately, I have come down with a cold today and this will affect my first day of my 30-day workout challenge. I am super bummed that I can’t even start my first day, but I won’t let that stop me from my writing a blog post everyday  for the next 30-days challenge. This is just a small bump in the road and I will hopefully get right back to working out tomorrow. For now, I think it is smarter if I just allow myself to rest and hopefully feel better tomorrow. But, I think I will keep this blog post short and sweet! 🙂

Below, I have provided a description of the app and the pros and cons.


Seven is a workout app that provides a 7 minute workout with the option to choose multiple circuits. You can choose random workouts and the more workouts you do, it will unlock other workout options like focusing on upper body, core, lower body, cardio, as well as some other options. The basis behind this workout is to keep it up every day or you will lose hearts and that will make you start from the beginning again. If you have to start from the beginning again, that means it will be a challenge to unlock any of the fun stuff they offer. The point is – keep working out so you don’t lose hearts.


  • The app is user friendly and keeps working out fun.
  • They have a variety of instructors with different accents to help keep you motivated. The free voice that I am using now is Alli Simpson’s voice. She is an Aussie trainer who playfully encourages you to work your hardest.
  • You can set-up daily reminders to help you remember to workout
  • The app tracks your progress visually on color-coded graphs and calendars
  • You can unlock achievements form Novice to Athlete as you vary your routine


  • In order to choose the other voice over characters you will need to pay for them. Also, the only thing I find a little strange about Alli is the fact that she says, “I’m watching you!” during the workout, it is just a little creepy. But overall, I like her encouraging comments.
  • I don’t like the fact that you can pay for hearts, but I do understand that is how they are trying to make money from the app. But in my opinion, people should not be allowed to replace a workout by paying for it. Just seems lazy and kind of silly.

Hope this has helped you  make a decision on choosing the right workout app for you. If you have any questions about the app or can recommend any other workout apps that is fun and motivating feel free to leave a comment.