Hello. My name is Kristin Velez.

I brought KristinVelez.com to life because I wanted to have on one site, ideas for healthy foods to eat, recipes, exercise ideas, and natural remedies. This all came about because I was tired of living an unhealthy life and feeling like the “not so skinny” girl in the room.

In 2011 I lost 40lbs and in the process my mindset changed, and my desire ignited to absorb a better understanding about healthy foods, herbs and spices, and natural remedies. I knew I was living an unhealthy, fast paced life and I wanted to make a change. I had so many random questions like, what vitamins and nutrients will help thinning hair and brittle nails, or what food can help my skin look and feel luminous and healthy? It did not matter if what I was curious about was silly or eminent; I wanted to know the answers. So I researched and slowly but surely started accumulating answers to my questions.

During this time I did start figuring out a few things about myself; like I have a tenacious amount of determination and that I hated the gym! This time around was different, instead of going through the same pitfalls of dieting and trying to exercise at the gym, I decided to eat healthy and find workouts that I was actually going to enjoy. What a difference it made!

This website will constantly be changing and having additions due to this being an ongoing project, which makes me pretty excited. I started making a difference in my life and I want to help start making a difference in yours.